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Happy Valentines Day by LittleB-rockStar13 Happy Valentines Day :iconlittleb-rockstar13:LittleB-rockStar13 7 14 Sniper's Lost Memories Part 6 by LittleB-rockStar13 Sniper's Lost Memories Part 6 :iconlittleb-rockstar13:LittleB-rockStar13 2 8 Equestria Girls - Rainbow Dash by Liggliluff Equestria Girls - Rainbow Dash :iconliggliluff:Liggliluff 118 2
Tyler, Glitter, Shine, Murphy,Michael,Sparkle
Hi guys I wanted to make a sort of re-enactment of TLK 2 Simba's Pride and make it with our characters this is only an idea but lets see what u guys think so I started with the "My Lullaby" song here is our version. (NOTE: there might be other characters but for the part I am up to it is just us for the song). CHARACTERS:(NOTE: OUR CHARACTERS IN IT BUT OUR CHARACTERS WILL REPLACE THE ACTIUAL ONES!) Me (zira) Murphy(Simba) Glitter(Kovu) Shine(narla) Tyler(kira) Sparkle(vitani) Michael(Nuka)
Sleep my little glitter
let your dreams take flight
some day when you tall and proud
you will be a queen
I've kicked out called a pest!
left not even with a fence
when I think of what that snooty did
I get a little moody
but I dream a dream so bloody
that it helps me feel all good
cause it makes me feel so lucky
that I don't have to wear a hood
the sound of murphy's dying ho
:iconquillarts:QuillArts 0 17
Me at the Spa by LittleB-rockStar13 Me at the Spa :iconlittleb-rockstar13:LittleB-rockStar13 4 11 Gigz - Ponified by Gigz-Wubb-Lioness Gigz - Ponified :icongigz-wubb-lioness:Gigz-Wubb-Lioness 4 9 Midnight Sexy Beach Girl by Fictioncreatorartist Midnight Sexy Beach Girl :iconfictioncreatorartist:Fictioncreatorartist 11 13
Laia Ortiz Bio
Name: Laia Zoe Ortiz
Personality: understanding, shy, quite, nervous, kind, caring
Age: 18
Appearance: blue, yellow eyes, brown hair (blue and yellow in pony form), a red necklace with a purple gem
Family: Sasha (mother), Shine, Shimmer, Sparkle (older sisters) Glitter (younger sister), Michael (brother), Layla (adoptive daughter) Baldella, Flif, Millie, Glama, Maria, Nyota (nieces), Mary (sisterly figure), Murphy, Tyler (brothers-in-law)
Friends: Mrrmo, Sally, Jessica, Slivery, Bun
Enemies: anyone who treats her family, the darkness, Malefor, The Darken  
Likes: being with her sisters, spending time at the lake, watching Tom and Jerry with Shine, using her magic, singing with her family      
Dislikes: her family in trouble, treats, failing, getting hurt, Shimmer’s temper, arguments
Favorite songs: Keep Holding On (Avril Lavigne), Single Ladies (Beyonce), Deck the Rooftops (Glee cast), Remember When (Avril Lavigne)
Occupation: background-singer of the Wubb Girlz
:iconflyguyrob:FlyGuyRob 3 18
Royal Family by LittleB-rockStar13 Royal Family :iconlittleb-rockstar13:LittleB-rockStar13 7 9
One year celebration! ^.^
I can't believe it's been a year since I joined DA. :D I'm very excited. I would like to take this time to thank everyone that I've met for benign the best friends and family that I've ever had. Thank you everyone! ;)
:iconlittleb-rockstar13:LittleB-rockStar13 2 10
Laia Ortiz by FlyGuyRob Laia Ortiz :iconflyguyrob:FlyGuyRob 3 1,007 Shine Getting down by MasterghostUnlimited Shine Getting down :iconmasterghostunlimited:MasterghostUnlimited 18 87 happy birthday Glitter by MasterghostUnlimited happy birthday Glitter :iconmasterghostunlimited:MasterghostUnlimited 7 6 Battle Aura by Dandinofthebluefire Battle Aura :icondandinofthebluefire:Dandinofthebluefire 2 46 Dragon Squad Adventures: The Cretaceous ending by Dandinofthebluefire Dragon Squad Adventures: The Cretaceous ending :icondandinofthebluefire:Dandinofthebluefire 10 34 Hook Line Sinker by Dandinofthebluefire Hook Line Sinker :icondandinofthebluefire:Dandinofthebluefire 4 15




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rmscelestia22 Featured By Owner May 8, 2017  Student Interface Designer
hi im kristoff willcox thanks for watching us tonight, here is the latest on the situation in Mosul Iraq while the fight against isis is still on going the Islamic terrorist are retreating out of the city of Mosul, Iraq, with me is former host of fox news's oriley factor mister orriley himself  bill thanks for joing us tonight.
thanks for having me here.
now I want the people at home to know what kind of people the left can be at times I mean get them out of here we don't need them any more.
well like I said those allegations are truly false and are untrue.
rmscelestia22 Featured By Owner May 8, 2017  Student Interface Designer
hi girls rmscelestia22 here with the latest news update, check your local listings for the willcox factor and kristonal news as we are fair and balanced just like our counterparts fox news.

it is may 8th 2017 at 8:50 p.m pacific standard time.
my name is kristoff Anthony willcox and this the willcox factor and caution this is the no spin zone the factor begins right now.
trainloco505 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
great to be here as a member
kandoo4 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2016
Did you know Wubbzy's 10th anniversary is coming this August 28th? His show aired ten years ago!
Eli-J-Brony Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2016
August 28th? That was when I first joined YouTube almost 9 years ago. I must have made the account on the first anniversary.
Trainman3985 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Now we do
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